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Printed Circuit Board Assembly Capabilities

PCB Certifications
Good quality Custom PCB Boards
Good quality Custom PCB Boards
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I think what Agile Circuit impressed me most is the great customer service. we are very willing to continue long-term cooperation.

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Printed Circuit Board Assembly Capabilities

Capabilities of PCB Manufacturing


  We strive to provide expanded catalog of manufacturing capabilities in order to meet the wide variety of quality printed circuit boards they require. We constantly develop our processes, update our production line so that we could continue to supply higher standard product.



Agile Circuit is a full service of PCB manufacturing including conventional PCBs, special technology PCBs and PCBA with the capabilities to fabricate your prototype and batch production. Send us your Gerber files we will provide you with a fast and accurate PCB quote.



Order Quantity

Prototype to Batch Production

Layer count

1 - 26

Board thickness

0.1mm - 6.0mm

Maximum Board Size

580mm x 700mm

Copper thickness

0.5oz - 6oz

Minimum Hole Size


Minimum Trace/Space

3mil / 3mil

Aspect Ratio


Solder Mask Colors

White, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Black
Matte Green, Matte Black

Legend Colors

White, Yellow, Red, Black

Base material

CEM-3, FR4, High Tg FR4, High frequency, High Temperature, PFTE, Polyimide, Aluminum Base, Metal Core, Rogers ,Polyimide Teflon, Kapton, Getek Copper Clad Thermal Substrates etc.

Surface finish 

HASL(Hot Air Solder Level), Pb Free HASL , Electroless Nickel and Immersion Gold (ENIG), Plating Gold, Gold Fingers (Gold Connector), Silver Immersion, Organic Surface Protectant (OSP), Electroless Nickel Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold (ENEPIG),Hard Gold

PCB Fabrication

Scoring, Route, V-Score, Counter Sink, Bevel, Cutouts and Slots

Via Technology

Blind Vias, Buried Vias, Micro Vias, Tented Vias
Conductive/Nonconductive Plugged Vias, Via in Pad


Impendence Control, Peelabemask PCB , HDI, Heavy copper PCB, Edge half plated thru hole, Selective Plating Hard Gold,
Jump Score, Edge Milling / Beleving / Plating
Plated Edges, Plated Slots, BGA ect.


Quality Control

IPC 6012 Class 2, Electrical Testing, Flying probe Testing, 100% Netlist Testing




PCBA Manufacturing Capabilities



Circuit Boards Types


PCBA Single side, Double sided, Aluminum core ,Flexible PCB

Chip component  size

0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 2512 etc

Integrated circuit package


Production Volume

1pcs to 10,000pcs

Assembly Methods

Selective solder, SMT reflow, automated assembly, Hand insertion, Hand soldering

Quality control

X-ray, Automated optical inspection (AOI),First article inspection

Industry Standards:

ISO 9001:2008,ANSI/ESD S20.20,IPC Class I, II, J-STD 001 Class I, II, RoHS


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